Whether you are local, a first time visitor or a regular one, Pickering and Ajax offer plenty of dining options. The question is – which one to pick? It’s definitely a bad idea to hop into your car and drive around to find which is the place that looks good. Well, you could try those restaurant review apps, but how true they are. So we have compiled a list of top 5 lunch restaurants in Pickering and Ajax area where you will find good food.

The Waterfront Dining

Situated at 590 Liverpool Rd south, Swanns Marina, Pickering, Phone:+1 905-420-2020 this lunch restaurant specializes in seafood, pasta, and fish and chips and is also a steakhouse. It has a decent bar too. It lays on really good food and at reasonable prices too. You can choose from a wide variety of seafood like mussels, crabs, etc and its steaks are absolutely yummy.

Everything, according to diners here, is absolutely superb–the hot food, the quick service, the beautiful view from the restaurant, the atmosphere within and the surroundings. Besides, the beach is so close to the restaurant that you can go to the beach for the day and end up eating lunch and dinner here. The patio here gets you a view of the lake, so you can spend many lingering moments here if only to watch the lake.

Safari Bar & Grill

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You can locate this one at 60 Randall Drive, Ajax Phone: +1 905-619-2636. In fact, diners in this area swear that this restaurant has changed the look of the Randall Drive and Kingston Road corners with its smart and inviting look bang in the middle of the historic Pickering Village. Being here means enjoying a very exciting time.

The ambience is one of an oasis in a desert with both sides of the restaurant having tall grass and rich colors of earth and gold. The ambience is truly eclectic and is impressively featured with a wide range of wine and billiard tables. It is open for brunch, and is also equipped with extras like a beautiful patio, a wheelchair for those in need, an ATM and is completely wired up with WiFi.

This is certainly an upscale restaurant and the attire here is smart casual. Its Sunday brunch is open from 11am to 2pm and all dishes cost $9.99.

Choose from Bavarian pancakes, Italian sausages and sauteed onions, Smoked Salmon Benedict and much more. It has special food for kids and a lot of sides too.

Sakura Sushi Japanese Restaurant


This restaurant lends a lot of variety to the restaurants in Kingston, Pickering, Ontario, Canada Phone:+1 905-420-9071. This restaurant specializes in Japanese Sushi cuisine and works as a takeout.

Regular diners here have adjudged this restaurant as the “Best Sushi in Ajax/Pickering area.” Though small in size, the fun and enjoyment they have had here isn’t small at all. Being small, its capacity for guests is very small, so parties here too have to be small. The Sushi is always good and the fish fresh. There’s a tradition of not just serving Sushi here but providing guests with the best of Sushi along with really good service.

The atmosphere is very warm and inviting and the prices only mean that it’s also a lot of value for money. No wonder people keep frequenting this place for its warmth, kind attention from staff and excellent food. The menu is also varied and constantly changed and the service quick and efficient. What’s really value for money here are the bento boxes served at lunch.

Mexico Lindo


Here’s a Mexican restaurant on 200 Harwood Avenue South, Ajax, and Ontario, Phone:+1 905-231-9764 that’s buzzing with people whenever you go in. Perhaps, you might even miss it because it’s situated in a strip mall.

If you love Mexican cuisine or are just venturing out into this cuisine, try the Enchiladas Suiza here. Mexican Lindo is popular for its reasonable prices, large portions, excellent food and service and its range of Margaritas.

Churrasco of Portugal

If you’ve reached 95 Middlecole Drive, Building D Unit 1, Ajax, Ontario, you’re at the famous Portuguese restaurant, Churrasco of Portugal. As the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in authentic Portuguese cuisine. Perhaps you’d like to try its grilled sardines, the chicken or the Pork Torresmo.

Warm and attentive staff, a friendly atmosphere and divine food make for a lunch here absolutely worth going back to over and over again.

Choose just where you want to eat and for reasons as personal as yours, but when it comes to a good lunch, choose the best Pickering has. We’ve listed a few, now you go ahead and try them out and enjoy a lazy lunch in the restaurant of your choice.