Burgers are loved by children and adults alike. When you are not in the mood of preparing a meal, you can head over to the burger restaurant right next to your locality and just indulge in the luxury of eating yummy burgers by simply placing and collecting your order!

You can find several burger restaurants in Pickering and Ajax where you can tuck into succulent burgers. Some of them are mentioned below…

Big M Burgers – 711, Krosno Boulevard, Pickering. Phone:+1 905-837-9332


Situated at 711, Krosno Boulevard, Pickering. Phone:+1 905-837-9332.  This restaurant exclusively for burgers is extremely popular here. People love the atmosphere which is both friendly and professional, and find the poutine to be “heaven.” This place has the reputation for making homemade burgers really fantastically.  Diners here feel that apart from the burgers that are really out of this world, it is also renowned for its steaks, hotdogs, fries and milkshakes.

The atmosphere and quality and taste of burgers notwithstanding, this restaurant is also reasonably priced and gives quick service. The restaurant isn’t a fancy place by any standards, but the food is delicious, and absolutely good value for money.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries –  140 Kingston Road E, Ajax Phone:+1 905-428-6262


You can find this burger restaurant at 140 Kingston Road E, Ajax Phone:+1 905-428-6262. You’ll enjoy it as much as new and old customers do for its tasty and fresh ingredients and superb burgers. The burgers here aren’t large–they’re enormous – and they sit on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes, both crisp and fresh. In fact, they’re so large that each one can be shared by two people.

The counter service here is crisp, professional and good–no lingering, no extra talk. Just grab your order and go. If there’s one problem with this place, according to first-time visitors, it’s the steep price. But hell, quality comes at a price, right?

Kips Flaming Burgers – 1725 Kingston Road Pickering Phone:+1 905-683-9348


You’ll find this at 1725 Kingston Road Pickering Phone:+1 905-683-9348, to be a top-of-the-line burger restaurant. Diners who frequent this restaurant for its awesome burgers swear by their quality. The food is fresh and particularly popular here is their 8 oz burger. The service is also quick and friendly and the place is always buzzing with people. This says a lot for this place being a value for money burger joint in Pickering.

Texas Burger Drive-Inn – 21 Harwood Ave S, Ajax, Ontario, Phone: 905-683-0512

At 21 Harwood Ave S, Ajax, Ontario, Phone: 905-683-0512 is situated this extremely popular burger drive in joint. The main cuisine here is fast food but they also do Chicken Greek with side of fries inside and Homemade Texas Burger. Diners love the burgers here because they are made from fresh beef, not frozen and they lay on the toppings generously.

Despite the huge rush here, the staff is always courteous and friendly. It is over 40 years in this business, so for everyone living in that area, it’s Saturday night tradition. From 40 years ago to now, this restaurant has maintained the same quality of burgers. For these reasons, this restaurant is highly recommended to anyone in this region.

Jumbo Burger Restaurant – 512 Kingston Rd, Pickering, Ontario,Phone:+1 905-839-3277 


This home-style restaurant, situated on 512 Kingston Rd, Pickering, Ontario,Phone:+1 905-839-3277 is the place to be if you want large portions of food and excellent service. Throw in reasonable prices and you’re sitting at a table at the Jumbo Burger Restaurant and enjoying your meal.

Though the atmosphere isn’t modern, its burgers and fries are great. The large, juicy burgers are great to sink your teeth into and a meal here is worth your while and money.

So, if you are in Pickering or Ajax, drop in at any of these restaurants when you feel like eating a burger and want to enjoy one to the last nibble. You won’t regret your decision.