Are you looking for a good restaurant in Pickering but don’t know which one to go to and what kind of cuisine to expect there? If you’re open to all kinds of international cuisine available in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, here’s a little help which might get you to the doorstep of a restaurant that lays on unforgettable cuisine–just the kind you’re sure to like. Here are the various Pickering restaurant reviews sites pertaining to eateries where you can read the reviews of actual diners in those restaurants before you venture there:



  • Tripadvisor presents its list of restaurant reviews in terms of rankings according to travelers’ recommendations. Listings and reviews of restaurants in Pickering are also given here according to name and prices. In terms of the range of cuisines presented here, it is a veritable A-Z, beginning with African and Asian and ending with Vietnamese. Apart from diners’ reviews, the site also gives other important  details such as a map to get there, price range and parameters of features of each restaurant.
  •  presents you restaurants with a range of international cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, American and Mediterranean. Other restaurants in the Pickering area whose reviews are available on this site include a pizzeria, a bar and grill and a beanery.
  • At this site, you can choose from a mindboggling range of cuisines. This selection of restaurants is essentially of inexpensive food places that sell burgers and American and fast food, Chinese, Caribbean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Greek, Mexican, Southwestern, Tex-Mex, Indian, Pakistani, pizzerias, confectioneries, etc.
  • This site is very exhaustive in its information regarding restaurants in the Pickering region. The types of restaurants featured here ranges from African, Asian, Country Dining, European, Mediterranean, Private Event Dining, to Thai, Vegan and Vietnamese. It gives you an overview of the restaurant, its location and its specialties. A location map to help you is also provided. From this list, choose the restaurants you want to visit and have a good time.
  • Yelp is one of the few restaurant review sites that is comprehensive in its scope of restaurants in Pickering, Ontario. You can depend on this site for reviews of the A-Z of restaurants in Pickering. The range of restaurants here is really overwhelming and spans all the continents. Imagine wanting to eat at an African restaurant, or perhaps a Greek restaurant or at Pickering’s only Tex-Mex restaurant.  Reviews on this site are constantly updated, often with photos of certain signature dishes of restaurants under review and with the reviewer’s candid remarks.



Pickering’s range of restaurants is as amazing as their quality. Anyone wanting to eat out and can’t decide where is sure to have great difficulty deciding what to eat and where. However, the upshot still remains that anywhere you eat in Pickering’s restaurants is sure to be memorable for its food and service – an experience to treasure.