Pickering is a very vibrant part of Ontario, Canada, with all kinds of events taking place right through the year that cater to different interest groups. Perhaps you are sporty–well, there are all kinds of sports you can play or go to watch, depending on the season. Then, you will find all kinds of arts and crafts and hobbies that you can take up or that someone will demonstrate to a gathering.

If you have a mind that’s ticking away, wanting to do something different, Pickering might well be the home for it. In fact, there are two very interesting upcoming local events in Pickering scheduled for the near future in Pickering. Perhaps, you might like to join in and have some fun too?



The people of Pickering enjoy music–this statement is borne out by the huge crowds that you will be a part of at the Pickering Village JAM Festival (Jazz Arts and Music). A 10-year-old event in Pickering Village, what began as a jazz music festival has now extended to the arts too. It is now a weekend of the people of Pickering singing and dancing to all kinds of music genres like Rock n Roll, R and B, Blues, street music and hip hop. Others come to listen and cheer local talent. Jazz artistes from Toronto, known for its contribution to jazz, will also feature some of its talent here.

There are also traders selling their wares and the whole atmosphere is festive and fun.

Pickering is a fun place to be in, whether to live or to dine in or to enjoy the arts and music. If you do get an opportunity to come by, don’t pass it up.