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We are now accepting preorders for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

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Try the Chicken Pad Thai only $5 in January

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Try the new dish customers are raving about, the Chicken Pad Thai. Only $5 for the month of January, there is something good about January!

New Year’s Dinner Catering in Pickering

New year's catering restaurant PickeringPsst.. at my friend’s party they are still waiting for their food.
Delicious food at the right time makes for a great party. Preorder your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day dinner now.

Accepting preorders today starting at Tuesday Dec 30th 2pm- 11pm and Wednesday Dec 31st 1pm-12am.

Call (905) 831-2288 to book your dinner.

Free Hot complimentary green tea and fortune cookies in store (Dec 31st and Jan 1st).

5 Things to Look for Before Choosing a Dentist

Choosing a dentist for yourself and your family can be extremely difficult. How do you know he or she is the right choice? Just because your dental insurance approves of the practice, doesn’t always mean it is the right choice for you and yours. How can you be so sure it will fulfill all of your needs and not cause you more hassle?

Some people are so daunted by the prospect of picking a dentist that they delay it until they have to just pick one because of an emergency. Remember that poor dental health can lead to many chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.


Regular visits to the dentist play a significant role in preventing these conditions. So how should you go about selecting a dentist?

Look for these five things while making your decision:

  1. Technology – Over the last few decades, dentistry has been improved significantly thanks to technological improvements that not only diagnose problems earlier, they ease pain and time constraints. This is especially significant for dental x-rays, which are incredibly crucial to detecting major oral health issues and future issues. Before, dental x-rays used dangerous levels of radiation that caused cancer. Now, digital x-ray technology can reduce radiation exposure in patients. Make sure the dentist has up to date technology and tools at his or her disposal. You are allowed to tour the office before making a decision – use that right!
  2. Continued Training – Up until about the year 2000, the skills and tricks needed by dentists and other dental professionals like dentists, hygienists, and oral surgeons remained pretty much the same with only a few differences. This isn’t true today at all. Over the past ten years, those advances in clinical and administrative technology requires that dentists attend conferences, classes, and other training sessions through their unions. Make sure that your dentist of choice has continued his or her education through programs. Check out the walls of his or her office for diplomas and certificates.
  3. Happy Staff – You can often tell a lot about a person by how he or she treats the people who work for the practice. A visit to the dentist isn’t always happy, so you will want happy staff members. This is critical if you are taking your entire family. A happier, more upbeat staff will work better with children. A staff that is satisfied will also completely streamline the process of going to the dentist. Make sure the dentist is well liked before declaring him or her “the one.”
  4. Office Space – When someone is checking out a house to buy, they will often look at the foundation. If a person is considering a restaurant, he might check the kitchen for cleanliness. The same thing can be said about your dentist. Check to see if the waiting room, rest room, and dental rooms are clean and modern. Make sure the magazines are current, the soap is full, and the fish tank is well taken care of. A dentist and staff who takes care of the office will take care of you.
  5. Doing Good – Maybe not the most important, but make sure that your dentist has a commitment to doing good for the community he or she serves. Dental support organizations encourage dentists to donate to local charities, organizations, or support groups. Many dentists will participate in low income dentistry days to help those who are less fortunate get dental health care. A dentist who will show his or her face in a community is likely to do quality work.

Finding a dentist can be difficult, but make sure you keep your priorities in mind. Even in a small town, there should be quite a few to choose from. Stick to your guns and don’t compromise – the right fit is out there!

Best Pad Thai in Pickering

pad thai pickering

pad thai pickering

In the last 10 years the menu here at Chef Yan has been the same. Why mess with a great thing? Unless something that can make a great thing even greater. Introducing the new Pad Thai from Chef Yan. Stir fried rice noodles with homemade authentic tamarid-based sauce. Saute with bean sprouts, tofu, eggs, and top with crushed peanuts. Try Chef Yan’s take on Thailand’s national dish.

After making this for his family and friends, it would be evil not to add it to the menu for everyone to enjoy.

Try one tonight, call 905-831-2288 for dinner.

We’re back! Just in time for Easter

We’re back! Just in time for Easter. If you have the desire for some yummy and hardy Chinese Food give us a call tonight 905-831-2288!


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Chef Yan Vacation 2014

chef yan on vacation

Chef Yan will be on vacation from Monday March 31st to April Thursday April 17th 2014. We will be back open on Friday April 18th.

Heritage Day Celebration

Heritage Day Celebration

Heritage Day Celebration

Heritage Day Celebration

This February 22, 2014, the Pickering Advisory Committee on Diversity will be hosting a Heritage Day Celebration at the Pickering Town Centre. This event promises to be a dynamic celebration of Pickering’s rich heritage and cultural diversity as in previous years. It features performances and displays aimed at bringing the community together to celebrate diversity, heritage and culture. This is the day where people with different cultures gather together to celebrate this event.

If you are interested in this event you may call Tanya Ryce, (Acting) Supervisor, Culture & Recreation at 905.683.6582 ext. 3603 by January 9, 2014.  Selected participants will receive confirmation in January 2012.

Everyone may join this annual Heritage Day Celebration which starts at 11:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm.


Close Thursday Jan 30th for Chinese New Year


Happy Chinese new year! We are closed today Thursday Jan 30th 2013  to celebrate, will be re-open tomorrow.

pickering new year dinner restaurant
Pickering New Year's Dinner Restaurant

Pickering New Year’s Dinner Restaurant

The New Year’s is an exciting time. Like most people you want to have the perfect dinner and order out. What this means is that you can wait up to 3 hours for your order.
Here’s a tip!
Call ahead to pre order or make RSVPs. We are now accepting preorders. Give us a call (905) 831-2288 so you don’t dissappoint and wait up to 3 hours.
We are now accepting preorders.
This year to make your experience better we are offering free complimentary green tea in store while you wait.

-Chef Yan
1261 Bayly St. Pickering
(905) 831-2288

P.S. Remember to have fun and be safe, don’t drink and drive (stay home we deliver).


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