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Corporations are always having a meeting, convention, symposium, or other sponsored event that needs a great caterer. Everyone has experienced the dry tasteless chicken, undercooked green beans, and boiled to death vegetable medley that makes one cringe at the thought of attending another corporate dinner. However, there are some great alternatives to consider for the Corporate Catering needs where the attendees will actually enjoy the meal and truly look forward to the next one.

Things to Consider

If you are planning to host a dinner at your office and planning to order meals from outside, you need to consider a few points.

  • Preferences of the attendees – have a good understanding of preferences of the guests. For example, find out if they are a beans and BBQ crowd, predominantly vegetarian, or lobster and caviar crowd.
  • Location of the event – it is great if you are hosting dinner at a different venue. However, if you are hosting it at your office, you have to be careful enough to order good food from reputed places.
  • Ethnic background of the majority of the attendees – know if the attendees are predominantly one ethnicity over another, or a large mix.
  • Expected cost of the entire dinner – most importantly find out how restricted or unlimited your budget is because many choices are based on the price per attendees.
  • Other important information about the event – information such as how many guests will be attending, what is the occasion and what are the food preferences.

Did you know that Chef Yan offers some great dinner treats for your office and catering needs? There are a wide variety of menus that you can choose from. Once he has gathered all the details from you, he will create a themed menu for you.


Menu Choices

One thing that is difficult to plan when there is a wide cross section of ethnic cultures gathered for one corporate event is the menu. There are people with food allergies, dietary restrictions due to disease such as diabetes, and a list as long as the buffet table that says simply what they like or don’t like.

Menu by Chef Yan can spoil you for choice. Right from appetizers like pickled chanterelles, ribollita, ceci and arugula, you get roasted squash and warm goat cheese. Then you have a huge list of items on the Pasta course, which include gnocchetti or pappardelle. Do you like fish? Then you can have herb rubbed Atlantic salmon fillet. Well, whatever you choose to feature for your corporate dinner from this list, you’ll get more compliments than ever.

When feeding a large assortment of attendees, some will prefer meat dishes, many are vegetarian, and there may be a sprinkling of vegans in the crowd, and that’s the beauty of service – there’s such a great variety that all preferences are satisfied.

Vegetarians and vegans can enjoy a wide range of vegetable-only choices that include rice, steamed vegetables, hot and sour soups with Tofu, green papaya salads, stir friend bok choy, wok sautéed mushrooms, garlic pea shoots, chilled eggplant, poached Asian Pear Salads, and a huge variety of many great foods that range from mild to extra spicy. Of course, there are also a variety of rice dishes that includes steamed jasmine rice, forbidden rice, brown rice, and friend rice that both meat lovers and vegetarians enjoy.

Because these foods are served Buffet Style, attendees have the ability to pick and choose exactly what they desire (or can eat based on dietary restrictions) and everyone attending the dinner can find food that they will like and can eat.

One of the best parts of any meal is certainly the desserts. Take the delicious almond cookies, steamed sweet potato cake, mango pudding, Honeydew Sago, puddings, Kuih Kapit, steamed egg custard, and everyone’s favorite cream puffs. Usually deserts at Chef Yan’s are chef’s selection.

You will be spoilt for choice!

With so many choices, attendees in the corporate dinner events will be very happy with the wide variety of foods that are available, in addition to being able to try some new foods they had never had an opportunity to taste before. The prices are very reasonable for a buffet style dinner for the corporate meeting because there is little food that is wasted since everyone picks and chooses amongst their preferences.

With the next corporate dinner, consider the people attending the event, and consider some great food as an alternative to the dry, tasteless chicken, or the all-vegetarian meal that meat lovers will detest. Come and explore all the possibilities that having a great Chef can produce when combined with wonderful flavors, great vegetables, delicious spices, and an unlimited supply of innovative ideas and combinations. Everyone in the meeting will enjoy the change of pace in having some great food for dinner.

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