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#10 BBQ Ribs (Long/Short)

bbq ribs long short

#10 Ribs cooked in Chef Yan’s homemade BBQ sauce. Must try.

#11 Dried Spareribs (Vancouver Style)

#12 Bean Curd with Black Bean Sauce

bean curd with black bean sauce chinese food

#12 Healthy soft bean curd with Chef Yan’s special black bean sauce.

#13 French Fries

french fries chinese food

Yes Chef Yan does french fries! French cut potatoes and the Chef adds his own accent, these fries are perfect for people of all ages.

#14 Honey Dan San

honey dan san chinese food

#14 Crispy pastry coated with special honey sauce and sesame.

#15 Stuffed Shrimp (4 pieces)

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This is the new chef yan website


#71 BBQ Pork Egg Foo Yong

5 Spring Rolls

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