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Tips on Hosting a Dinner Party

hosting dinner party tips

hosting dinner party tips

A dinner party is an occasion everyone looks forward to for having a good time with friends and family. However for the hosts of the dinner party the experience of arranging a party is far from pleasant. The host is often lost in between choosing the perfect china, cutlery, arrangement of furniture, delivery of party beverages, snacks and the last minute preparations. Since we all want our dinner parties to be perfect, the china, cutlery and furniture need to be glamorized for the fun-filled evening ahead.

However remembering a few tips while prepping for a dinner party will ensure the success of the party and have guests raving about the party for months to come.


Planning for a dinner party and the items required is always essential. Delivery forms an essential part of the plan. Rather than running out to the local grocery store or party supplies store you ask for a home delivery to save on time and effort. Make a list of the items you need and prioritize their delivery according to their perishability. The items which spoil easily can be delivered on the day of the party while others can be purchased in advance.

Things to do:

Planning for a party is all about making lists and then sticking to the lists to get everything done. Hence make a list for the things that need to be done every day and check them off once completed. Start with a list of the guests to invite followed with a list of confirmed guests, lists of food items to order and have a delivery arranged and finally the list about the last minute preparations required before the party begins. There are many simple to use online tools for this. A couple of good ones are Trello, Wunderlist, and list or note app that comes with your phone.

Guest List:

Organizing your guest list is one of the most important things to do, while planning a dinner party. Having a number for the guests attending the party will help you decide on the quantity of supplies you need to purchase. Hence your guest list should be ideally finalized at least 2-3 weeks before the party. The finalized guest list will also give you a fair idea about the seating arrangements required. For this you can create a Facebook event or use


Initial invitations for your dinner party might be over the phone, online, or you might have invitation cards sent out. But always remember to contact the guests and have them confirm their attendance. This will save on the efforts of arrangements and costs of extra supplies. But always make arrangements for 3-5 extra guests so that at the last minute you are not left fumbling for an extra chair, china or cutlery.


Stocking up on the supplies, starting at least a month ahead is always advised. Arrangement items like napkins, packaged snacks, alcohol, and beverages can always be bought in advance. Ordering for flower arrangements can also be done at least 15 days prior to the dinner party. This will save you the stress and effort of having to make the orders and purchases along with the food items on the last day.

Always remember that to host a successful party the key is being prepared with the necessary supplies and requirements.

Where to Buy Organic Foods in Pickering

Organic Foods Pickering

Organic Foods Pickering


Organic food has been gaining popularity in the last few years. The increased use and side effects of pesticides and fertilizers has led to this surge of organic foods. Hence various local and central governments have also introduced new regulations and various guidelines to produce and sell organic food. Thus most of the stores in Pickering, Ontario stock organic grocery supplies and organic meat. Though the stores still maintain separate organic and normal foods section, in some they plan to stock only organic food and meat.


In the last few years farmers have been increasingly using pesticides to control various plant diseases and crop endemics. This literally translates to humans ingesting pesticides which can cause harmful side effects like cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems and kidney failure. The chemicals contained in most pesticides are not metabolized in the body often causing a toxic buildup.

While many feel the effect of pesticides are limited to plants the fact is quite contrary. The meat we consume is also quite harmful if it is not organic. Livestock is made to graze on plants which are sprayed with pesticides. Thus the livestock ingests the pesticides whose meat is subsequently ingested by humans.

Soil Conservation:

Organic food products are not only made with crops grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers but they also help conserving the nutrients in the soil. Various chemicals present in the pesticides and fertilizers cause degradation of the soil thus rendering the patch of land barren after every harvest for at least a year. This adversely affects the bio-diversity of our planet.

Organic meat is also produced in a similar method where the livestock is fed animal feed that is organic thus preventing contamination of the meat by pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The farmers also ensure that to produce organic meat they do not inject the livestock with any antibiotics, medicines or growth inducing hormones.


Stores like Bruno’s Meat and Deli and Tiano’s Organics located in Pickering, Ontario give customers a wide range of organic products to choose from. The stores ensure that the products, both groceries and meat are organically produced for a healthy, nutritious, and delicious meal. The stores offer a wide variety of meats ranging from organic beef to organic turkeys and even organic chicken and poultry.

The meats are free from any kind of antibiotics and are tender when cooked. Since the meat products are free from any chemicals you can be sure of providing a healthy and nutritious meal to your family. All meat products stocked in the organic food stores in Pickering, Ontario are certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and are also certified by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

The organic food products in Bruno’s and Tiano’s have labels on them which indicate whether the product or meat is organic or otherwise. In case the product is not 100 percent organic the store will indicate it on the label.

So, head to these stores to purchase fresh and organically produced groceries and meat to ensure the well being of you and your family.

10 Ways to Save Money on your Next Grocery Shopping Trip

Ways to save money on your grocery shopping trip

Stretching the budget set aside for the grocery shopping can be quite a challenge for anyone. The rising prices of basic grocery items can leave you dreaming of an advance pay check for next month. Hence the following tips are essential to keep your expenses within the budget and also save some extra cash.

  1. Number of Trips:
    Planning in advance and making a list of the things to purchase will reduce your grocery trips to one. Preventing two or more grocery trips will not only save time and effort but will also curb impulsive purchases.
  2. Do the Shopping Alone:
    Carrying kids along for a grocery shopping trip can often turn into a disaster with extra cookies, chocolates and candies added to the list. Shopping alone will let you purchase the items you need and stick to your list.
  3. Coupons:
    Clipping coupons from newspapers and magazines is always a great way to save those extra dollars. Enlist the help of your kids to cut out the maximum number of coupons for the maximum savings.
  4. Bulk Purchase:
    Purchasing in bulk is always cost effective. Many retail chains offer huge discounts on bulk purchases of certain items like meat, cosmetics and cereals. So, stock up for the whole month with a bulk purchase to save those dollars.
  5. Party Purchases:
    If you find yourself entertaining friends and family almost every week then considering purchasing party supplies like alcohol and snacks also in bulk. Often alcohol and specialized party snacks can be purchased online. Buying a crate of wine along with a carton of party snacks can get you a good deal to save money rather than running to the grocery store every week to purchase a single bottle and 5 packets of snacks.
  6. Credit Cards:
    Credit cards are the biggest contributor to excessive spending and also piling up of debts. So the next time you are out grocery shopping leave the credit cards behind, this will help you stay within the stipulated budget and prevent impulsive purchases.
  7. Baby Food:
    For moms with babies it is always advised to give your babies home cooked baby food. There are countless recipes to make nutritious and delicious baby food. These will help you save money from purchasing those costly cans of baby food and will ensure that your baby gets the best, natural and nutritious food.
  8. Never go to the grocery store hungry:
    Grocery stores are designed to entice impulsive shoppers to spend more. Hence you will always find the chocolates, candies and biscuits lined up near the check-out counter. So, going to a grocery store hungry will only increase your impulsive purchases. Consider grocery shopping after a heavy breakfast. This prevents furtive glances to the snacks rack and you just might find the store a little less crowded than usual.
  9. Branded Items:
    Branded items cost more because of the ‘name’ associated with the product. More often even the generic brands provide the same quality at a cheaper cost. So consider spending on the quality and not the ‘name’.
  10. Dollar Store:
    Shopping for groceries in your locality dollar store often works out to be cheaper with deals like purchasing 5-6 items for $4.

Hence a little effort and planning can go a long way in helping you save money on your grocery trip.

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