While in high school 18 years ago on a sunny weekend my dad brought the whole family to 1261 Bayly st in Pickering to view his work in transforming a fish & chips store into a Chinese food take out restaurant.

Being immigrants we were in awe of owning a business. We inhaled the fresh wood dust of the newly installed counters and marveled at the shiny sunlight reflecting off the aluminum fryers and food prep tables, and the newly resurfaced oversized chopping block that would help make food for the Pickering, Ajax, and Toronto community for close to two decades.

There was no consideration he was going to open all seven days of the week to make enough to cover the cost each month. As popularity grew quickly because of his passionate cooking he continued to work seven days a week so he can serve more of his loyal customers. As the business start to fall because of the demolition of the big Price Chopper plaza behind us, he continued to work seven days so he can cover the monthly cost again and earn for his retirement.

Chef Yan never wanted to take a day off because he was so grateful for the opportunity to serve the community and proudly making the food his way. Only starting last year close to retirement he was willing to take one day off a week.

The fresh wood dust has been gone for almost two decades; even the freshly polished aluminum fryers and prep tables no longer proudly shine like it once did; the chopping block has been resurfaced so many times it is no longer usable for chopping. While food cost rise and the world change outside my dad’s passion for and the quality of the food has always stayed the same for 18 years.

From our family, we want to personally thank you for being a part of his life. It has meant much to him and as the condo rise up from where our restaurant is now and the world continues to change, his happy memories of serving the great community will not. Thank you.

We will be opened for three more days until the end of Monday, March 27th. Make sure to come by and order your last Chef Yan dinner and say goodbye.

Sharky Liu (son of Chef Yan)

Special gift from one of our favourite customers. Thank you.

Special gift from one of our favourite customers. Thank you.