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Top 5 Italian Restaurants in Pickering and Ajax

You are going to use your bread to mop up the leftover sauce of your spaghetti when you are in the best Italian restaurant. But trying to find the best Italian restaurant in Pickering or Ajax is a daunting task. Never fear. Here’s are a selection of the top 5 Italian restaurants in Pickering and Ajax regions.

Al Dente Italian Restaurant – 1305 Pickering Parkway Suite 103, Pickering, Ontario, Phone: +1 905-839-1200



At 1305 Pickering Parkway Suite 103, Pickering, Ontario, Phone: +1 905-839-1200  you can enjoy some fine dining, Italian style. If you love a candlelight dinner with all the trimmings of soft music and spotless white linen, then Al Dente’s the right choice for you. It’s also good for private parties.

This restaurant has two very smart dining rooms and a patio. There’s also a solarium with lovely tall windows that attract sunlight. The main dining room is very formal with a red carpet, gorgeous paintings and large mirrors. There’s also a well-stocked bar and everything is perfect here with white linen and the works.

To make your evening memorable, you’ll find very courteous staff who lay on the perfectly-cooked food equally perfectly. But the prices are steep, so watch it. However, you can come off a bit cheaply if you have Entertainment Book deals and Groupon Deals. Besides, you always get the second entrees for half the price. So, go to this restaurant and enjoy yourself.

Pasta Tutti Giorni – 259 Kingston Road East, Ajax, Ontario, Canada Phone: + 1 905-427-2782 



At 259 Kingston Road East, Ajax, Ontario, Canada, you’ll see Pasta Tutti Giorni, Phone: + 1 905-427-2782 an Italian restaurant known for a wonderful family atmosphere. It’s also famous for excellent pasta dishes set in a smooth sauce. The menu is also very well put together so there’s something for different palates. The service is exceptional and diners say they were well taken care of.

On the whole, this is a value for money restaurant where apart from the food and the service, the wine is also very good.

Belaggios Italian Cuisine & Gelato – Kingston Road, Phone:+1 905-250-0195

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Yet another famous Italian restaurant on Pickering’s Kingston Road, Phone:+1 905-250-0195. Belaggios is good for its sandwiches which are decently made and thickly filled. You should try their veal sandwiches and chicken on a bun. Since Belaggios is close to the corporate world of Pickering, it is visited by office-goers wanting a quick something at lunchtime.

More than its superb sandwich range, it also has a gelato spread to die for. In fact, it has more than 16 delicious choices of flavors. The service is friendly and courteous and it’s set in a good neighborhood where customers would like to visit.

Il Fornello – 95 Kingston Road East, Ajax, Ontario, Phone: + 1 905-427-1110



At 95 Kingston Road East, Ajax, Ontario, Phone: + 1 905-427-1110 you’ll find perhaps one of Ajax’s best Italian restaurants. It has the reputation of having a mercurial rise to fame and it’s not surprising. After all, it doesn’t have on its menu the usual classic pizzas or pasta. Instead, it lays on the most perfect gnocchi–rich and plump to perfection with a creamy sauce made of cream and asiago cheese. The appetizers, salads, entrees, wines and desserts here are to die.

Gino’s Famous Pizza


If you’re at 750, Oklahoma Dr # 10, Pickering, Ontario, you L1W 3G9, Canada, Phone: + 1 (905) 420-2000 you’ve made it to one of the most popular pizzerias in this area. Here, you can eat authentic Italian, pizzas and fast food and enjoy them too. If you feel like eating a pizza, Gino’s the place to go to for their special ingredients and crusts. The pizzas here are as delicious as they are affordable, and being a takeaway, service is quick and friendly.

Enough said about their pizzas, few people talk about their equally edible and deliciously fresh salads. They too are a must-try when next you’re at Gino’s Famous Pizza in Pickering, Ontario.

Pickering and Ajax are sure to have many more Italian restaurants that you can have an enjoyable meal at. Before you explore all of those, begin with these and enjoy all you can.


Canada Blooms


Canada Blooms



This is the title of an event relating to the Direct Energy Centre that’s celebrating its 18th anniversary for being Canada’s largest flower and garden show. This will also be the third year since it joined up with The National Home Show to become North America’s biggest Home and Garden show.  It was founded by The Garden Club of Toronto and Landscape Ontario. Now, 18 years on, it has won the title of being one of the Top Events by Festivals in Ontario and Events Ontario.

When you visit this garden paradise, you will be in the midst of the most beautiful flowers on a six-acre garden, where you can meet horticultural experts. You can also buy the flowers you want in the Blooms Marketplace. This exhibition is already on and will continue till March 23, 2014.


Where To Find Pickering Restaurant Reviews

Are you looking for a good restaurant in Pickering but don’t know which one to go to and what kind of cuisine to expect there? If you’re open to all kinds of international cuisine available in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, here’s a little help which might get you to the doorstep of a restaurant that lays on unforgettable cuisine–just the kind you’re sure to like. Here are the various Pickering restaurant reviews sites pertaining to eateries where you can read the reviews of actual diners in those restaurants before you venture there:



  • Tripadvisor presents its list of restaurant reviews in terms of rankings according to travelers’ recommendations. Listings and reviews of restaurants in Pickering are also given here according to name and prices. In terms of the range of cuisines presented here, it is a veritable A-Z, beginning with African and Asian and ending with Vietnamese. Apart from diners’ reviews, the site also gives other important  details such as a map to get there, price range and parameters of features of each restaurant.
  •  presents you restaurants with a range of international cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, American and Mediterranean. Other restaurants in the Pickering area whose reviews are available on this site include a pizzeria, a bar and grill and a beanery.
  • At this site, you can choose from a mindboggling range of cuisines. This selection of restaurants is essentially of inexpensive food places that sell burgers and American and fast food, Chinese, Caribbean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Greek, Mexican, Southwestern, Tex-Mex, Indian, Pakistani, pizzerias, confectioneries, etc.
  • This site is very exhaustive in its information regarding restaurants in the Pickering region. The types of restaurants featured here ranges from African, Asian, Country Dining, European, Mediterranean, Private Event Dining, to Thai, Vegan and Vietnamese. It gives you an overview of the restaurant, its location and its specialties. A location map to help you is also provided. From this list, choose the restaurants you want to visit and have a good time.
  • Yelp is one of the few restaurant review sites that is comprehensive in its scope of restaurants in Pickering, Ontario. You can depend on this site for reviews of the A-Z of restaurants in Pickering. The range of restaurants here is really overwhelming and spans all the continents. Imagine wanting to eat at an African restaurant, or perhaps a Greek restaurant or at Pickering’s only Tex-Mex restaurant.  Reviews on this site are constantly updated, often with photos of certain signature dishes of restaurants under review and with the reviewer’s candid remarks.



Pickering’s range of restaurants is as amazing as their quality. Anyone wanting to eat out and can’t decide where is sure to have great difficulty deciding what to eat and where. However, the upshot still remains that anywhere you eat in Pickering’s restaurants is sure to be memorable for its food and service – an experience to treasure. 

Where To Find Deals On Restaurants In Pickering

If you want save a good deal of money while dining out in a large group, look for restaurants that are offering a special price. You’d get to save a lot and have a good time too. In order to find the best restaurant you have to browse through the Internet and spend a lot of time. We have complied a list where you can find good deals on restaurants in Pickering.

BK_2for5.2013 – 461 King Street  Toronto, Ontario (416) 263-6800


This page offers great number of latest deals that restaurants are offering. You can even get to see some real user comments. Don’t forget to print out your coupon to get discount on your meals.

For example there’s a $28 appetizer and main course on a Monday in a restaurant called Vipei Bistro. Now, isn’t that a deal? Similarly The Friendly Thai restaurant has an interesting deal running now–a pick-up order exceeding $40 stands to get 20% off. – 2285 Wyecroft Rd, Oakville, ON (905) 465-1233

Here, you can claim interesting and value for money deals. You can save on some of the best restaurants in the city. In order to save more, get your friends, family and coworkers. You have to hit ‘Get Coupon’ of your favorite deal and print it out.

For example get 2 can dine for $10 at Harvey’s restaurant. At Chauhan’s Indian Cuisine, you only need to pay for one buffet lunch and you get the other one free.


At this site you can find deals that are more than 50% off! Real users have left their rating for the dining place.

For example a deal of 53% off on French Cuisine at Café en Passant, you will find 3-star ratings by the users. At The Lobster House, diners are offered a maximum of 56% off on a steak or lobster dinner for two. There’s also a deal of 46% off on a pizza; and 50% off on Caribbean Food at the restaurant called the Calypso & Jive Burgers. At Thai Everest, you can get a 45% discount whether you’re two people dining or four.  – 2159 King St E, Hamilton, ON 905-545-0205

 Here you may not get to see too many deals, but you do come to know how far the place is from your location. And this is of great help to the first time visitors here.

For example you can avail of a deal on Tasty Grill. Here, you can pay for two grills and get a 4 oz combo free. Or, spend $28.99 and get a family pack of 4 sandwich combos and four drinks.

Crabby Joes – 780 Kingston Rd Pickering, ON Phone:+1 905-831-2722

offer ongoing deals for every day of the week. In Pickering Crabby and Joes is located at 780 Kingston Road.

For instance, every day you can buy chicken wings for $0.39 and a drink if you’re dining in. On Fridays, martinis cost just $4 each. Again, on Fridays, appetizers are charged at half price after 9 pm. On Sundays, kids below the age of 12 years can eat free of cost.

By doing the math, no matter what size of group you are dining out, it always makes sense to find out what kind of deals are being offered and get the maximum discount for yourself. After all, it does feel better to have more fun and pay less for it.

Top 5 Dinner Restaurants in Pickering and Ajax

Whether you’re an old-timer in Pickering and Ajax or a newcomer, you may find it difficult to locate a handful of good dining places. You will always be faced with the dilemma as to which one to pick. Sometimes choice isn’t really a good thing and worst idea is to wander around the streets to find a good restaurant. We have brought you a list of top 5 dinner restaurants in Pickering and Ajax. The goal is to spotlight the places where you will get good food consistently.

PORT Bar-Dining room-Patio – 1289 Wharf Street Pickering, 905-839-7678



Down at 1289 Wharf Street, Pickering, Ontario, Phone: +1 905-839-7678.  This restaurant serves multiple cuisines such as American, Canadian, seafood and steaks. You need to make a reservation to eat a meal here. It is wonderful first of all for its excellent location and exquisite view. it is situated bang on the water and is very serene and beckoning.

Fortunately, you can stay here and prolong your dinner for as long as you like. Diners love this place for its wonderful ambience with a large fireplace in the middle of the patio where you can sit in a group. Next to the restaurant is a marina and is a great way of passing the time. This is an upscale restaurant, so the prices are equally on the high side.

Where the food is concerned, the portions are large and the food well-cooked and arrives fast enough.

Bollocks Pub & Kitchen – 736 Kingston Rd. Phone:+1 905-492-5088



If you’re at Pickering, Ontario, and looking out for Bollocks Pub & Kitchen, you’ll find it at 736 Kingston Rd. Phone:+1 905-492-5088. This is a fancy restaurant that gives you large portions of pasta, rice dishes and entrees and large sandwiches that you can share.

This restaurant specializes in several cuisines–pub, bistro, gastropub and chicken wings. It’s a fabulous place for groups and has very good outdoor seating. People love the food for its freshness, cooked by experienced chefs, besides having well-trained, courteous, professional and friendly bartenders and waitstaff. Diners here appreciate the bar food. The prices here are average, but more than food and ambience this restaurant is hailed for its daily specials where the portions are very generous and the prices ever so reasonable.

The 50’s Diner – near Amberlea, Village East, lies 1660, Kingston, Pickering, Ontario, Tel: (905) 686-2055



Near Amberlea, Village East, lies 1660, Kingston, Pickering, Ontario, Tel: (905) 686-2055  the address of the most wonderful dinner place in Pickering. It serves traditional American cuisine. Food here is excellent, service superb and food comes to the table double fast. This comes as a great surprise to first-time diners here who love it.

One dish you must try here is the open faced hot turkey with California scramble. If you go there for a meal over the weekend, remember to ask for their Weekend Special. There’s also the option to take-out food from here but the atmosphere here is so inviting, you’ll want to sit and dine here.

Daddy’s Little Grill – 570 Westney Rd S, Unit 1A3, Ajax, Ontario, Phone: +1 905-239-0936


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Down at 570 Westney Rd S, Unit 1A3, Ajax, Ontario, Phone: +1 905-239-0936 is your very own grill where you can get the best of Greek cuisine and the tastiest hamburgers. Families love this place because the food is inexpensive and it’s child-friendly too. You need to make a reservation here if you want to dine in.

The food here is great, and serves food with excellent portions, just right for families and service is friendly and quick. People love this restaurant also because its food has home style aromas.

Makimono Japanese Restaurant – Kingston Road, No. 50, Phone:+1 905-427-2726


Yet again on Kingston Road, No. 50, Phone:+1 905-427-2726 is this Japanese beauty serving up delicious Japanese cuisine. It does excellent Sushi and Sashmi, both fresh and imaginative. Though tiny, it serves up some of the most amazing Sushi.

When your dinner must be special and of a quality level that you’re going to boast about for some time to come, you need to locate a restaurant that matches with your expectations. So, how about trying out any of the above-described restaurants? Those that did try them out had a great time, perhaps it’s time for you now?

Pickering Village JAM Festival


Pickering is a very vibrant part of Ontario, Canada, with all kinds of events taking place right through the year that cater to different interest groups. Perhaps you are sporty–well, there are all kinds of sports you can play or go to watch, depending on the season. Then, you will find all kinds of arts and crafts and hobbies that you can take up or that someone will demonstrate to a gathering.

If you have a mind that’s ticking away, wanting to do something different, Pickering might well be the home for it. In fact, there are two very interesting upcoming local events in Pickering scheduled for the near future in Pickering. Perhaps, you might like to join in and have some fun too?



The people of Pickering enjoy music–this statement is borne out by the huge crowds that you will be a part of at the Pickering Village JAM Festival (Jazz Arts and Music). A 10-year-old event in Pickering Village, what began as a jazz music festival has now extended to the arts too. It is now a weekend of the people of Pickering singing and dancing to all kinds of music genres like Rock n Roll, R and B, Blues, street music and hip hop. Others come to listen and cheer local talent. Jazz artistes from Toronto, known for its contribution to jazz, will also feature some of its talent here.

There are also traders selling their wares and the whole atmosphere is festive and fun.

Pickering is a fun place to be in, whether to live or to dine in or to enjoy the arts and music. If you do get an opportunity to come by, don’t pass it up.

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