You are going to use your bread to mop up the leftover sauce of your spaghetti when you are in the best Italian restaurant. But trying to find the best Italian restaurant in Pickering or Ajax is a daunting task. Never fear. Here’s are a selection of the top 5 Italian restaurants in Pickering and Ajax regions.

Al Dente Italian Restaurant – 1305 Pickering Parkway Suite 103, Pickering, Ontario, Phone: +1 905-839-1200



At 1305 Pickering Parkway Suite 103, Pickering, Ontario, Phone: +1 905-839-1200  you can enjoy some fine dining, Italian style. If you love a candlelight dinner with all the trimmings of soft music and spotless white linen, then Al Dente’s the right choice for you. It’s also good for private parties.

This restaurant has two very smart dining rooms and a patio. There’s also a solarium with lovely tall windows that attract sunlight. The main dining room is very formal with a red carpet, gorgeous paintings and large mirrors. There’s also a well-stocked bar and everything is perfect here with white linen and the works.

To make your evening memorable, you’ll find very courteous staff who lay on the perfectly-cooked food equally perfectly. But the prices are steep, so watch it. However, you can come off a bit cheaply if you have Entertainment Book deals and Groupon Deals. Besides, you always get the second entrees for half the price. So, go to this restaurant and enjoy yourself.

Pasta Tutti Giorni – 259 Kingston Road East, Ajax, Ontario, Canada Phone: + 1 905-427-2782 



At 259 Kingston Road East, Ajax, Ontario, Canada, you’ll see Pasta Tutti Giorni, Phone: + 1 905-427-2782 an Italian restaurant known for a wonderful family atmosphere. It’s also famous for excellent pasta dishes set in a smooth sauce. The menu is also very well put together so there’s something for different palates. The service is exceptional and diners say they were well taken care of.

On the whole, this is a value for money restaurant where apart from the food and the service, the wine is also very good.

Belaggios Italian Cuisine & Gelato – Kingston Road, Phone:+1 905-250-0195

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Yet another famous Italian restaurant on Pickering’s Kingston Road, Phone:+1 905-250-0195. Belaggios is good for its sandwiches which are decently made and thickly filled. You should try their veal sandwiches and chicken on a bun. Since Belaggios is close to the corporate world of Pickering, it is visited by office-goers wanting a quick something at lunchtime.

More than its superb sandwich range, it also has a gelato spread to die for. In fact, it has more than 16 delicious choices of flavors. The service is friendly and courteous and it’s set in a good neighborhood where customers would like to visit.

Il Fornello – 95 Kingston Road East, Ajax, Ontario, Phone: + 1 905-427-1110



At 95 Kingston Road East, Ajax, Ontario, Phone: + 1 905-427-1110 you’ll find perhaps one of Ajax’s best Italian restaurants. It has the reputation of having a mercurial rise to fame and it’s not surprising. After all, it doesn’t have on its menu the usual classic pizzas or pasta. Instead, it lays on the most perfect gnocchi–rich and plump to perfection with a creamy sauce made of cream and asiago cheese. The appetizers, salads, entrees, wines and desserts here are to die.

Gino’s Famous Pizza


If you’re at 750, Oklahoma Dr # 10, Pickering, Ontario, you L1W 3G9, Canada, Phone: + 1 (905) 420-2000 you’ve made it to one of the most popular pizzerias in this area. Here, you can eat authentic Italian, pizzas and fast food and enjoy them too. If you feel like eating a pizza, Gino’s the place to go to for their special ingredients and crusts. The pizzas here are as delicious as they are affordable, and being a takeaway, service is quick and friendly.

Enough said about their pizzas, few people talk about their equally edible and deliciously fresh salads. They too are a must-try when next you’re at Gino’s Famous Pizza in Pickering, Ontario.

Pickering and Ajax are sure to have many more Italian restaurants that you can have an enjoyable meal at. Before you explore all of those, begin with these and enjoy all you can.