Your father may just be the best friend you ever had. Sure, he might not be very vocal about his feelings, and he might not tell you what he wants. But the truth is your father deserves to be recognized and have a great time on Father’s Day. The two of you can make memories together to last for the rest of your lives. So, how can you make the holiday fun for your dad? Try the following suggestions to give your dad an outstanding day tomorrow.

  1. Play a Sport

Remember the times you spent as a young kid playing sports with your dad? If so, tomorrow is a perfect day to relive those memories by playing a game of catch, golf or mini golf, tennis or bowling. The fun, exercise and competition of sports make them an ideal choice for the day.

  1. Go See a Ballgame


Why not take your dad to a ballgame to see his favorite team. Whether you choose a major or minor league baseball game or a fast-paced soccer game, you’ll be sure to hit a home run with this activity tomorrow. While you’re there, buy him the treats he associates with going to a game, like hot dogs, pretzels, nachos or peanuts.


  1. Do Something Adventurous


If your dad’s in good physical condition, set up a fun and exciting adventure for him. Buy him a ticket for a zip line ride. Take him up in a hot air balloon. Climb a mountain with him or go rappelling with him down a cliff. Or, if you’re both brave enough, give skydiving a go.


  1. Have a Historic Outing

Is your dad fascinated with history in your local region? Take him to a museum or historical site. This Father’s Day is even more fun for your dad if he can tell you something you don’t know and isn’t on the historical markers. Your father will enjoy sharing his knowledge of history and his experiences in historical events.

  1. Make It an Active Day

What if you don’t want to play sports or get adventurous, but you still want to get moving? You can go for a walk on a nature trail and talk about the animals and plants you find there. Take a hike at a national park or go on a bicycle ride in a new part of town.

  1. Focus on Cars


Is your father interested in cars? If so, take him out to look at them. You can take him to an antique car show, a stock car race or just take him to go window shopping for the latest car models. While you’re at it, try to get him a test drive for the one he likes best.


  1. Have an All-Day Fishing Party

Tell your dad you’re coming for him tomorrow morning for a fishing day. Get up early to get the best chances to catch the most fish. Stop for breakfast at an out of the way old-fashioned diner, and hit the river or lake as the sun’s coming up for the day. Fish until dusk, and then fry up the fish for a cookout.

Tomorrow doesn’t have to be the same, old, humdrum day. You can make it a day you and your dad can live to the fullest in the moment and remember with pleasure over and over.